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Our Initiatives

Future of Finance Speaker Series

WUFT hosts two thematic speaker series: The Future of Finance Speaker Series and The Future of Technology Speaker Series. We are constantly committed to inviting and hosting speakers from some of the most prominent companies at the intersection of finance & technology. Look below for a sampling of some of our past speakers. Join our list-serve or follow our Facebook page to be notified about upcoming events.

Our 2020 Speakers Include

CEO of Wealthfront, co-founder and former general partner at Benchmark Capital.

Andy Rachleff
Andy Rachleff
andy rachleff.jpg
welathfron logo.png

Chairman, Silver Lake

Ken Hao
Ken Hao

Cofounder and Chairman, The Carlyle Group

Daniel D'Aniello
Daniel D'Aniello

CEO, SoftBank Investment Advisors

Rajeev Misra
Rajeev Misra
rajeev misra.jpg

Australian Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd

CFO, Slack

Allan Shim
Allan Shim

Our Other Planned Events

Tech Trek
Travel To Silicon Valley

WUFT is planning an exciting and interactive visit to the San Francisco Bay Area. We will be selecting around 15 motivated individuals who are eager to gain insight and establish lasting relationships with expanding companies in the dynamic environment of technology.

NYC Trek
Travel to NYC

The NYC trek spans over a week from 3/18 to 3/25. Below are the events that are officially scheduled:

3/18 at 5pm EST - Deven Parekh, MD at Insight Partners
3/19 at 5pm EST - Olivia Mauro Guthorn, MD at Apollo
3/22 at 5pm EST - Lauren Young, MD at Advent International
3/25 at 5:30pm EST - Moelis SPAC event featuring multiple speakers

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